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Glen Burua is a motivational speaker, filmmaker and freelance writer. At the age of 18, he almost took his own life at Kerevat National High School after facing countless problems, rejections and failures in life.

Two years after his attempted suicide, he directed his first short film, “The Education of Grayson Toki”, produced by the New Zealand Film Company, Brown Sugar Apple Grunt (BSAG) and funded by the Commonwealth. This launched him on a successful path at the tender age of 19, where he began representing Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Region as a young filmmaker. In 2017, his film was accepted and acclaimed at the 37th Hawaiian Film Festival. At age 20, he travelled all the way to the United States of America to witness the preview of his own film. Regional recognition of his film brought him to continue travelling to other Pacific Island countries.

Glen has continued to represent the province of East New Britain and Papua New Guinea on trips abroad. His other trips include; China and Singapore for the purpose of human resources and tourism awareness.

Since realizing his calling at aged 19, Glen has dedicated his life to helping thousands of students through motivational speaking. By being a voice for the voiceless, he hopes to help pull other struggling students out of their own black hole of insecurity and lack of hope in their future success. Many students he has motivated are now in various colleges and universities throughout Papua New Guinea and abroad.

As a writer, he regularly publishes motivational articles in the newspaper, on his website and on his page, ‘Glen Burua Motivation’ (Facebook). Many individuals who have lost hope in life have been inspired by his articles, to return to school and further their studies.

He hopes to help guide others, with the lessons he has learnt from his past failures and from studying the lives and practices of successful people within Papua New Guinea and abroad.

Preview: The Education of Grayson Toki By Glen Burua

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