By Glen Burua

As the names came out in the newspaper, I couldn’t find mine.

My one and only dream of studying Civil Engineering in the University of Technology in Morobe province was shattered.

The following months were the most painful moments of my life.
We sometimes find ourselves in situations we never expect to happen. The future looks uncertain and we lose hope.

On the same token, many dreams die in the midst of criticism.
I only stay locked up in my house and never walk around freely because of people talking at my back. Everyone in the village had higher expectations I didn’t meet. I felt ashamed.

But then I thought of how Christ paid it all on the Cross. He died so we could live, he who knew no sin gave it all so we can no longer be guilty . My faith in God increased.

Despite criticisms, I spent most of my time in Church.
Nothing much happened. Nights turned into tears as I thought of my friends being in school while I had no placing.

I prayed to God to just give me a second chance. There weren’t any signs of success as I was trying to apply to other institutions. Despite no sign of success, my faith in God didn’t change.

After eight months at home, I got an email from Zhejiang university of science and technology in China. It was an acceptance letter. I held my breath as I was reading. I couldn’t believe it.

The course I was accepted to study was Civil Engineering. Tears rolled down my eyes, as I starred at the email.

This is the story of Kerrod Kelly.

I met Kelly in Hangzhou City in China and he shared this story.
Our availability is God’s opportunity. God can make a way where there seems to be no way. The world may give up on us but not God who created us for a greater purpose.

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