By Glen Burua

“My teacher said I was a slow learner and needed to repeat my grade four. I readily accepted the limitations imposed upon me. I was not a bright student and I knew that. Mathematics and English were the two most challenging subjects. Seeing other students doing well, made me feel down. I knew I couldn’t level up.

So many young students throughout Papua New Guinea may also be going through tough times in school. Many are overlooked because of their lack of reading, writing skills and low grades.
I was one of them.”

“Passing my grade eight was even far from reality. I knew I was not capable of passing. So many times I stayed up in the night worrying about the future. I was scared.
Some of my teachers, who were supposed to be molding me, were criticizing my low performance in class.

I never knew what the future held for me but I knew who holds the future. Nights turned into tears as I cried to God to help me with my education.
My pillow got wet just like that.”

Many young people give up in life because of limitations imposed on them by others.

Many see themselves as failures because they accepted the negative criticisms from others.

Sadly, many dreams die in classrooms or at homes in the midst of criticisms.

This is the story of Benson Marubat Kavanamur.

It was during a graduation that I shared the stage with Mr. Marubat.

This is how he started his speech:

“My teachers usually call me a slow learner. The slow learner is graduating soon with a degree in Environmental Health.”

This year, Benson is graduating from Divine Word University, in Madang.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something when the Bible clearly says “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength! ” Philippians 4:13.

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