By Glen Burua

I can’t remember when my dad left us and moved on with his other wife.

I was not yet in school. All I can remember were the struggles my mother had to face playing both roles of being a father and a mother to my siblings and I.

Neighbors sometimes called us bastard kids and gave us all kinds of names. My mother had to bear with it.

There could be others facing a similar situation. It’s not really easy finding oneself in a situation you didn’t even choose.

I never had role models in my life while growing up. Fear, disappointment and worry was all I grew up with. My main down moments in life are when people criticize, doubt me or tell me I can’t do anything.

There were many circumstances where financial problems was a big constraint in my life.

Many will judge us by our past struggles. Some will even overlook us. However, God’s promise still stands. He will never leave and forsake us.

I have a very close relationship with Jesus. I wouldn’t have made it this far, had it not been for my Lord. He is my helper in times of need, my comforter in the hardest of times and my rock. Praying and bible studies are the things that keep me going.

This is the story of Caroline Winuan.

After graduating with a degree from Divine Word University in Madang, a kind family sponsored her to the University of Information Technology and Management in Poland where she is currently studying Masters in International Management.

“What’s your message to struggling people?” I asked her.

My message to struggling young people would be, do not be a prisoner of your past. If you are someone who is experiencing the same family problem as mine, never take revenge. If you do, you will never find satisfaction.

Rather, try to build yourself up, pull yourself together, study hard if you are a student, work hard if you’re employed, start up small business if you have to. Most importantly, put God first in everything you do.

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