By Glen Burua

I have a hearing problem which I was born with. It was very difficult for me to listen and take notes in class at the same time. I cried whenever I was shamed by my peers, calling me all sorts of names because of my hearing problem.

Many times people with special abilities are overlooked in the society. What’s so Interesting about them is the eagerness to use whatever abilities they have to accomplish their dreams.

In 2009, I failed Engineering Mathematics while studying Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Technology. I was up for academic suspension. I literally cried. I didn’t know how I was going to tell my parents. I couldn’t eat as my mind was troubled, followed by sleepless nights of depression.

We may have goals in life but to make those goals a reality, there are so many challenges of life we have to overcome.

The following year, I re -admitted and learning from my failure, I never gave up till I successfully graduated with my first degree in 2013. After two years of working experience, I went back to Divine Word University to study Information Systems since I was interested in Networking.

This is the story of Joshua Soki

What is your advice to others with special abilities? I asked him.

My advice to people with special abilities is that you are not alone in all this battle. All of us are born unique, some of us are deaf, some blind, some cripple and etc… but we all have the same chance and opportunities.

God has plans for all of us. When you are down, never give up. I am sure God is using someone else in whatever (big or small) ways to help you. Open your hearts to receive that help and move forward.

A week ago, Joshua graduated from Divine Word University with his second degree.

“Disability does not mean inability.”

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