By Glen Burua

After failing Civil Engineering at the University of Technology in 2012, my dreams were shattered. I stayed at home the whole year of 2013.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we never expect to happen. Depression kicks in and we feel hopeless.

The following year, I went back to Unitech to repeat Engineering Mathematics, the unit I failed before. Hoping for the best, I went back fully prepared. At the end of 2014, I had no choice but to accept the fact that I had failed again for the second time.

I went home broken. I was so lonely and ashamed of myself.

The following year, 2015, I could not even walk around freely. Nights turned into tears as I felt so empty.

Dad is a pastor and is not paid much. Mother sows market bags and sells them to pay the school fees for my sibling’s and I.

Seeing her working so hard gave me a sense of guilt.
Since I was failing Mathematics, I decided to face my fears and study Mathematics and Computer Science at Divine Word University the following year.

This is the story of Perez Mandeh Prime Jinumbo

He will be graduating with a Bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Divine Word University this year. But even before graduation he is already employed as the data officer of Ramu Nico Mining.

‘Who do you owe your success to?’ I asked him.

‘I owe it all to God for keeping me through all my times of depression and my parents for not giving up on me,’ he replied.

‘What is your advise to others who may have failed from formal education?’

‘Success is like getting into a house. Formal education is using the door to get in. However, we have the windows there. But to get through the windows you have to put in extra effort to climb. Both the door and the window leads into the house. So those who failed formal education, you still have the windows, but you have to work harder to get in,’ he replied.

There is always another way around, only if we are willing to work hard and never give up.


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