By Glen Burua

After dropping out of school in 2013 from grade 12, life became miserable. The street became my home. A lot of relatives lost interest in me. So I had to fight for my own survival.

Almost everyday I sold The National newspapers in the town. Along with the newspapers, I sold betel-nut and smoke. I was paid commission for the newspaper and I didn’t get much. Nights turned into tears as I tried my best to survive each day.

Life will never be fair to everyone. There are some times when we will hit the rock bottom. However, the decision of whether to stay down or get back up depends on each of us.

I decided to upgrade my Mathematics and legal studies. After class, I would go back to my normal routine of selling newspapers. The pain of sacrifice was real.

There are maybe a lot of such young people in the country who have given up on their dreams.

What kept me going was my dream of one day becoming a leader in the government level who will help my people in return. Through the rough times, that dream kept me going.

Two years rolled by and I was still doing the same things. Selling newspapers, betelnut and smoke. Through the painful moments, deep down inside me I knew I was capable of something bigger. I believed there was a higher power. Though I was alone, I knew the One who created me had never left me.

This is the story of John Ezekiel .

Two days before publishing this story, John graduated from Divine Word University with a Bachelor degree of PNG Studies and International Relations and not only that. He was also awarded a Leadership Award.

“What is your advice to other young people who might have dropped out of school?” I asked him.

‘Despite whatever pains of life you face, or how neglected you are, never lose sight of your dreams. And remember, the world may reject you, but not the One who created you. Keep trusting God.’ he said.

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