By Glen Burua

After dropping out of secondary school in grade twelve, life became miserable. I felt I was heading to the direction of being a grass roots.

Not everyone follows a smooth road. Some end up miserable after dropping out of school.

Since dad left us when I was still small, life became so difficult for mum. Despite me being thrown out of the system, mum never gave up on me.

Many dropouts are roaming around aimlessly either because they have given up on themselves or their parents have given up on them.

Mum put me into Kokopo Business College. Learning from my past mistakes, I came back bigger and stronger giving my best in studies. After two years, I graduated with a diploma in Business and Accountancy.

The tracks to the mountain top may be different but the view is just the same.

Not willing to give up, I applied to Divine Word University, the school I missed on its selection when I was in grade twelve. This time I was selected.

This is the story of Beatrice Karai

What’s your advice to students who have missed out from selections to higher institutions? I asked her.

“Students who missed out have a choice either to give up or keep on going. Failure is an event, not a person. To parents, never give up on your kids for failure is just temporary, not permanent, ” she added..

Who would you owe your success to?

I owe my success to God, for despite the pain I was going through, He was always the center of my life. Though my earthly father was not with me, my Heavenly father never abandoned me. And Secondly, I owe it to my single mother who is both a father and a mother to me.

Four days ago, Beatrice graduated with a Degree in Business Management from Divine Word University in Madang.

Many students in colleges ask me if its possible to apply to university after college studies. Well, I hope this story will inspire you.

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