Picture: Haikou Airport, China

By Glen Burua

I looked at my internal Grade Point Average( GPA ), it was 1.6(very low).

Tears formed in my eyes. The Grade 12 examinations were just around the corner. My mathematics teacher called me into his office and told me what I already knew.

“Glen, you are scoring very low, it seems you are not going to make it. Start thinking about upgrading next year.”

I walked out of his office and straight to the dormitory. I kneeled and prayed and cried to God with unending tears.

I don’t know whatever challenges you may be facing today. All I know is that life will never be smooth. Sometimes things go really well, and sometimes they don’t . Sometimes you will have a breakthrough and sometimes it will seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

If you have a messed up past, it doesn’t mean you will have a messed up future.

We don’t get to choose the circumstances we are born into. However, the choice of our destination is in our own hands.

If you are a student, let me tell you from my experience. You are not your grades. Yes you will be judged by your low grades but that is not who you are. That is who you were. The grades you are getting today is the result of your past performance. You will be tomorrow what you do today.

Two years after my grade 12, I walked into a gigantic cinema in the United States of America. My short film was selected for the 37th Hawaiian Film festival. I had a batch which had a capital ‘D’ on it. Tears formed in my eyes. It reminded me of the D grades I used to get in grade twelve.This time, the D had a different meaning. It meant Delegate.

I owe it all to God.

Back in grade twelve, I lacked motivation, but no one gave it to me. I needed positivity but all I got was negative feedback.

Thus, I made a vow back then to use my story to inspire other young people who might be facing similar challenges.

You may not go back and make a brand new beginning but you can start now and make a brand new ending.

If you messed up, remember that your past has gone but the future is yours.

If God is all you have, you have all you need.

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