By Glen Burua

What a cruel world it is to live at a time where life is not smooth. Many young people have the eagerness to go to school yet have financial problems. Many parents have the heart to provide for children but cannot find a good job. Some people have good jobs that does not pay much.

Some of our people in rural areas have cash crops that are surplus but it is hard to find transportation to transport the crops into the nearby towns.

I mean the bottom line is, life is not easy. Pain is a reality. However, on the other side of pain is success.

Just as pain is the greatest setback of many people trying to achieve success, it is also a motivational for success.

People of Papua New Guinea, what lasts won’t come easy and what comes easy won’t last. Nothing is impossible without GOD.

If you to live a lasting legacy with your life, you have to work hard. Everyone has to feel pain one way or another. No way around. However for the many successful people, they use the lessons they learned from the pain to elevate themselves to success.

My dear reader, I don’t know the challenges you might be going through. I don’t know how you feel behind closed doors when you look for work. Or when you seek space to further your education.

I don’t know the pain someone might be facing coming from a broken home. Whatever it is that you are going through, the only assurance I can give you is that you are still breathing. You are alive today my dear. So no matter how hurtful your past was, never forget that the future is still unknown.

Yes people will look down on you. They may criticize you or many may judge you from your failures. No matter what people think of you, remember that what others think of you is none of your business. What matters is what you think of yourself.

If you study the life of the greats, you will find that it was pain of some sort that motivated them to push on and make the future better than the past. So if you want to make tomorrow better than yesterday, you have to be willing to feel the pain. No pain, no gain. If GOD is all you have, you have all you need.

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