By Glen Burua

Failure is an event, not a person. As far as I can remember, I have been the lowest test scorer. I even got zeroes in some tests. Yes, I did get criticisms and even backbitting.

However, they are all nothing the moment I get to realize that God is bigger than any painful situations put together.

We all have potential. Potential is what you can do, but have not yet done. Potential is what you can be, but have not yet become.

Behind the zeroes Ben Carson was getting in his primary school days was a potential brain doctor.
Behind the low grades a student might be getting today is a potential somebody tomorrow.

It is my greatest desire to see more people who are about to give up in life come back bigger and stronger, find their gifts, talents and skills and make their future better than their past.

Here is the picture of young boy. After finishing my speech in one of the secondary schools, he dropped on my shoulder and started crying. I couldn’t stop him easily, so I let him continue.

After a long while, he whispered to me and said:

“Thank you so much. Many curse me and treat me as a failure but today after your speech, I realized that no one is a permanent failure.”

Failure is an event. Not a person.

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